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Welcome to A.B. Hammer
A horse and rider armoury.

A.B. hammer is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most visually stunning
armour for the discerning customer. All of our armour is hand crafted, and thus can
never be an "off the shelf" item. The armourers craft is a time-honoured art form, and with
the exception of sometime use of welders and power grinders, We use tools and techniques
that fall within the abilities of period armourers. As with any art form, rushing can be
detrimental, both to personal safety as well as the over all quality. We, therefore
can only give approximate delivery times. Please realize that if your order is taking
longer, it is only because we wish for you to get the best possible armour. Also
realize that, on occasion things do happen, and we will try to be communicative to
let you know what's going on.
As of 8/01/01 the following policies are in effect:
There will be 12 order slots. Once these slots are filled, no additional orders will be
taken untill ALL of the original 12 are done.
All delivery times are approximate. We realize you want, and even sometimes need
your armour quickly. We would rather take a little extra time to do the job right,
than have a sub-standard product in your hands quickly.
We have a progress page here (link) Please check this page to see how your order is
coming along. By keeping the progress page up to date, we are able to spend more
time in the shop, and less time on the phone
Phone calls (270-536-4090) will get an answering machine. Please announce your
name, phone number, and your business needs.
Due to the overwhelming number of telemarketers, we only answer calls that are
All orders are not considered final, until we receive at least 1/2 of the total cost as
a down payment.
The balance due on any order must be received and clear the bank fully before the
item can be shipped.
We ship orders once per week. Any items completed for which we have received
final payment, will ship on the next shipping day.
All of our armour is sold as "display armour" We will make said armour to any
specification you want, to meet your needs, but we are not responsible if you are
injured during any form or re-enactment or combat. If you decide to use one of our
display pieces for any sort of activity, it is your responsibility to ensure that it
meets all the criteria required.
All of our orders are custom fit to your specifications. This will neccesitate several,
often complex measurements. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for
poor fit due to faulty measurements.
If you desire a refund, said refund will be issued only after the item has sold on our
"in stock" page. A restocking fee (not to exceed 25%) may be charged at our sole